Wednesday, July 22, 2020

Base Camp RV Park, Lakeview, OR

Stay Date:  May 2020

Our Rating:  BAD - 4

Nothing has changed in the three years we last visited. The roads are dusty and rutted, weeds and grass are unmown, and there is no cable or OTA TV. Most of the sites are taken by long-term residents, and their vehicles can be noisy
early in the morning. Sites are fairly level and thankfully shaded, but very close together. Our site was too close to the neighbor to extend an awning or hold a picnic table. Verizon cell and data worked well, and park WiFi was fine during the day, slow and barely usable in the evening. OK for an overnight only.  $35/Night.  Base Camp RV Park

Grant County Fairgrounds, John Day OR

Stay Date:  May 2020

Our Rating:  GOOD - 8

We enjoyed our stay at this great little park adjacent to the
fairgrounds. Interior roads and sites are paved and level, and there are large trees to provide shade. A popular park, and reservations are available on line with payment at a kiosk. Quiet at night with the sound of rushing water from an
adjacent river. Convenient to town and the highway. No cable or OTA TV, but park WiFi worked well. Verizon cell and data were strong. Rooftop satellites may have difficulty due to the overhanging trees. Most sites are spacious; ours was the end site and not at large as others but was completely shade covered.  Very reasonably priced at $30/night.  Grant Country Fairgrounds

Thursday, December 12, 2019

Tri-City RV Park, Myrtle Creek OR

Stay Date:  Oct 2019

Our Rating:  GOOD (8)

Rate is Passport America. A very well maintained, quiet park with easy access to I-5. Paved interior roads and level pull-thru sites with concrete pads and patio and table. Grass site with small trees and conveniently located hookups. Good Verizon cell/data, adequate WiFi, and
free cable TV. Not many obstacles to satellite TV. A little crowded, with many long term campers, but nicely maintained with a friendly staff. A great overnight in a quiet area off I-5. We camped at Tri City RV Park in a Motorhome.  A great Passport America Rate of $20/night.  Tri-City RV Park

Southern Oregon/Jackson County RV Park, Medford OR

Stay Date:  October 2019

Our Rating:  GOOD (9)

One of the best laid out, well maintained parks we've been to. Paved interior roads and sites with a concrete patio and integral fire pit. Beautiful grass, young trees, and attractive landscaping throughout. Our site was level and had a large area of grass and plants. The park is far enough off the interstate to be reasonably quiet but
easily accessible to the I-5 and shopping. Good WiFi, excellent Verizon cell/data, lots of OTA TV, and easy access to TV satellites. Nice office with comfortable area if your RV is being worked on, friendly staff, and coffee. Well worth the stay and we'll make this our base anytime we're in the area.  A great stay at $38/night.  Southern Oregon RV Park

Horn Rapids RV Resort, Richland WA

Stay Date:  October 2019

Our Rating:  GOOD (8)

This is another park where site location is key to the quality of your stay. There are many long-term residents in the perimeter sites, and being close to them means significant noise each morning as then leave for work. The interior sites, both pull thru and back in, are fairly
level gravel and very narrow, with a grass strip, table, and small tree. The park is located about four miles from the interstate and there isn't much in the area; a large shopping center is about 10 miles away.
The WiFi was slow and generally unusable; however Verizon cell/data was strong. A few OTA stations and little obstruction to TV satellites. The office staff was particularly noteworthy, both helpful and friendly.  Overpriced at $48/night.  Horn Rapids RV Resort

Friday, January 4, 2019

Boulder Creek RV Park, Lone Pine CA

Stay Date:  Nov 2018

Our Rating:  GOOD – 9

Boulder Creek3Well-maintained park with great views of Mt. Whitney and the Sierras.  Gravel/dirt interior roads and sites, mostly level pull-thus with trees for shade.  Boulder Creek1Convenient hookups, good WiFi, analog cable, No OTA channels, and few obstructions to satellites.  Good Verizon cell/data.  Great location to explore the Alabama Hills and movie Boulder Creek2sites.  Nice office store and friendly staff.  Worth the $41/Night.  Boulder Creek RV Park

Boulder Creek4

Shady Lane RV Camp, Barstow CA

Stay Date:  Nov 2018

Our Rating:  GOOD – 6

Entry to the park is narrow and there's not much room to pull up and clear the road if someone is ahead of you. Be prepared to pull off the road to the right prior to the entrance if you see another rig in line. Tight but doable for big rigs; some of the long-term workers park their pickup trucks near the access roads. Gravel, level sites long enough to leave the tow attached to the motorhome. WiFi worked well until the residents returned in the evening, but Verizon cell/data was strong. Cable TV, a few OTA channels in English, and not much to block TV satellites. Fairly easy access off I-5 in a less than picturesque area. An acceptable overnight in a pinch.  Overpriced at $38/Night  Shady Lane RV Camp