Thursday, October 15, 2015

Hawk’s Nest RV Park, Tionesta, CA

Stay Date:  Oct 2015

Our Rating:  GOOD – 7

Hawks Nest RV Park5This is a nice little park in the pines far away from any town but near the Lava Caves NP.  Stock up before you come, because it’s 27 miles to the nearest small town (Tulelake), 60 to any town of size (Klamath Falls). Hawks Nest RV Park4 It’s a narrow paved road for two miles off the highway, then gravel entry and interior roads.  The owner was very friendly and helpful, and assigned us a large pull-thru site.  Hawks Nest RV Park1Sites are fairly level and have a picnic table, but are dusty.  Hookups are OK, except for the annoying sewer hookup 8” above ground, and an occasional power Hawks Nest RV Park3fluctuation that would cause the surge protector to shut down the power.  Verizon cell and data were surprisingly good, and OTA TV produced 10 channels.  Rooftop satellite was blocked by trees, but there were places for a tripod.  Hawks Nest RV Park2The park hosts a large campfire each night, but with temperatures in the high 70s we declined to participate.  Quiet and dark at night.  Lots of wildlife, including a hen turkey and her chicks that were frequent visitors.  A pretty good deal at $25/night.  Hawk’s Nest RV Park