Saturday, March 25, 2006

Camp Roberts Famcamp, Paso Robles, CA

Stay Date:  March 2006
Our Rating:  REALLY UGLY – 3
It’s difficult to complain about a place that only charges $10 a night, and in California yet; but this place was a hoot!  Drive into the WWII Army Post and take a trip back in time…..lines of two-story barracks on each side of an old parade ground, miles of tank tracks on rolling hills, and a Famcamp that hasn’t changed since Patton was a Lieutenant.  We drove the 2 1/2 miles through the crumbling ruins to find a weed-covered field with power boxes on telephone poles.  Then came the search for a spot that both the power and water worked.  After three or four attempts in the rain, we finally found a spot in the weeds that had both working, and settled in for a five day stay.  Five days of loooong drives to get anywhere made us realize that aside from the wineries (which were VERY expensive), there really wasn’t much to do.  The staff in the office will tell you an urban legend that they’re going to build a new campground, but almost five years later nothing’s change.  If you have to stay in the area, bite the bullet and stay elsewhere. 

Monday, March 20, 2006

Edwards AFB Famcamp, CA

Stay Date:  March 2006
Our Rating:  BAD –5
There’s a reason they test aircraft at Edwards AFB – if the aircraft falls out of the sky, there’s nothing but dirt and creosote bush to hit.  After leaving the little town of Edwards AFBRosemond, you drive a few miles to the sign that marks the beginning of the base.  12 miles later of lunar landscape brings you to the gate – then another 10 miles or so finally brings you to the base itself.  The Famcamp is a self check-in, dusty area not far from the BX complex.  Most sites are 30A only (great for the A/C out here in the desert), with a few 50A if you’re lucky.  No Verizon cell or Aircard, limited dining (basically the  BX food court and the bowling alley), but quiet at night.  Mediocre museum at the base entrance, but a good NASA one farther down the flight line.  Some interesting aircraft to watch during the day,and the $15/day  cost is attractive, but once you’ve been here, you won’t want to come back.  Say a prayer for the poor people who have to live here.  Military or DoD ID required.  Edwards AFB Famcamp