Monday, July 21, 2014

Friendly RV Park, Weed CA (Updated)

Stay Date:  May 2014
Our Rating:  UGLY– 1
Friendly RV Park1This is only our second “1” rating in over 250 ratings since we started full timing.  The other was because of facilities, this one is because of another reason – we were lied to by the park host.  We didn’t get off to a good Friendly RV Park2.start when we followed directions to the park and were met by a “road closed” sign.  We called the park and the host gave us alternate directions, but it was annoying since we’d spoken to him when we made reservations, and even though the construction was going on at that time, it wasn’t mentioned.  So we arrive at the park, are guided to a site, and begin to set up.  Opening the electric box I see that the 50A plug is removed and a cover on in it’s place.  Questioning the host (we always ask for a 50A, full hookup site), he said he was sorry but “all the 50A wiring has a burnt out line” and none was available (BTW, we didn’t get a reduction in the standard rate).  The next day I watched a motor home pull in the site next to us and plug into the 50A power.  Hmm, I said.  When I asked the owner, he said yes, the power was working fine.  So did the next motor home that pulled in on the next site.  I Friendly RV Park3wasn’t so much that we had to limit appliance usage on the 30A plug, but the idea that we were lied to.  Why?  Less power consumption for them?  Thinking we’d have to use their Laundromat?  I was on my way to confront the host when two police cars came Friendly RV Park4roaring in and pulled up at one of the long term resident’s site.  After a few minutes, they came out with a guy in handcuffs, threw him in the back of one of the cars, and took off.  It was then I noticed that even though the host knew we were departing the next morning, he parked a truck and trailer behind us even though there were empty spots everywhere.  This meant we couldn’t hook up the tow without pulling out, then shutting down, hooking up, and starting again.  So I wont bother with the usual details of this park – it’s apparently up for sale and there isn’t much motivation to provide a service, and anytime I see the town’s entire police force show up and arrest a resident motivates me to stay somewhere else.  And you should, too.
Update July 2014 – The above review was also posted on, a web site that has become the gold standard for park reviews.  Unfortunately, it’s not possible to control who submits the reviews, and in this case it’s apparent that the staff of Friendly RV Park continue to mislead their customers.  In this case, as soon as my review hit the web, three glowing reviews were posted, all within three days.  At first glance, they seem OK – but look at the number of other reviews made by each reviewer and where they are.  Zero other reviews… other reviews…. the real giveaway is the one with one reviews   The other review is on the McCloud RV park, which just happens to be owned by the same owners as Friendly RV Park.  It’s disheartening to see such dishonesty from an RV Park owner when instead they could have posted a “fake” review stating that the park has been cleaned up of undesirables and the host replaced.  Instead, more lies.  So a word of caution – always see how many other locations a reviewer has posted before giving credence to a golden or particularly bad review.