Monday, October 30, 2006

Gulf Coast RV Resort, Beaumont TX

Stay Date:  October 2006
Our Rating:  GOOD – 9
A great overnight stay along I-10.  Professional staff, all roads and sites paved and landscaped, wide sites with grass, and good hookups.  Beautiful facilities, free cable and WiFi.  Verizon cell and Aircard worked well, and there are only small trees for the satellite. Fairly quiet at night despite being close to the interstate, but could be noisy due to huge sports complex next door.  Not a destination area, but a good overnight at $35 which includes a free complimentary breakfast.  Gulf Coast RV Resort

Saturday, October 28, 2006

Bayou Wilderness RV Resort, Carenco LA

Stay Date:  October 2006
Our Rating:  REALLY UGLY - 3
What a miserable stay – narrow gravel sites, unfriendly office, and a FEMA trailer park all included for an unreasonably high price ($32).  Free WiFi only worked if you were sitting on the office porch, and free cable had six channels.  Pool was filthy and trash was scattered throughout the “resort”.  We left our site marked with two chairs while we had the motor home serviced, and we returned they were gone.  Turns out that a couple of the FEMA residents “borrowed” them (their words).  We reacquired our chairs and left.  Recent ratings seem to indicate that there are new owners.  Lets hope so.

Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Paragon Casino Resort RV Park, Marksville LA

Stay Date:  October, 2006
Our Rating:  9 – GOOD
One of the best casino RV Parts, although it’s in a part of Louisiana that is off the beaten path.  Very professional check-in, all paved roads and sites, level, nicely landscaped, and with modular hookups.  Free cable TV, WiFi, and of course, a shuttle to the casino.  Verizon cell and Aircard worked well, and there’s clear sky for the satellite.  A nice casino, but not much else in this area.  Rates vary depending on discounts and “comps”, but well under $20/night.  Paragon Casino Resort RV Park

Thursday, October 19, 2006

River View RV Resort and Park, Vidalia LA

Stay Date:  October 2006
Our Rating:  9 – GOOD
We really enjoyed our stay here.  Professional check–in at an impressive office/store, paved roads and sites, and a view of the Mississippi River.  Good hookups, Escapee discount, and close to intriguing Natchez.  Nice hot tub and pool, free WiFi, but weaker the farther you get from the office.  Verizon cell and Aircard worked well.  Free cable and clear sky for the satellite.  A classy operation, worth the price ($35-40).  River View RV Resort and Park

Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Woodland Campsites, Somerset PA

Stay Date:  October 2006
Our Rating:  7 – GOOD
The delightful owner of this small, heavily-treed campground makes it easy to overlook MH at Somerse2tsome of the limitations of the park.  For big rigs, a drive up a tree-lined dirt road takes you to an open area on the top of the hill where you’ll have a clear shot at the satellite.  Sites are grass, 30A only, and back in.  The campground is quiet and convenient to dining and shopping in Somerset.  Verizon cell and Aircard worked well, no much broadcast TV.  At $30/night, cash or check only, it’s a nice respite from the usual cookie-cutter campground.   Woodland Campsites

Sunday, October 8, 2006

Willow Lake Campground, Brunswick OH

Stay Date:  October 2006
Our Rating – REALLY UGLY - 1
If you’ve ever wondered what a FEMA disaster relief camp looks like, this is the place to visit, although I think a FEMA camp would be more organized.  Checked in by a cigarette-smoking woman with the smell of an ashtray, our first impression set the table for this horrid campground.  A small city of cheap trailers, with add-on rooms, blue tarps, inflatable palm trees and neon beer signs.  Sites were grass and rocks, 30A only, with no sewer.  The water smelled like sulfur, was undrinkable, and had the color of iced tea.  Clear shot to satellite, no cable or WiFi, but you’re close enough to Cleveland to receive broadcast TV.  Verizon cell and Aircard worked well.  On leaving, there was no need for directions to the dump station, you could smell it everywhere in the campground.  Made me wish I had a HAZMAT suit.  It doesn’t matter what they charge per night, they couldn’t pay US to return.